Wetron Brasil


WETRON Automação Ltda was founded in 1997 in Brazil in an effort to ensure the quality of WETRON’s projects throughout South America.

WETRON has three offices in Brazil. The main office is in São Bernardo do Campo – SP, with support from two offices in the cities of São Jose dos Pinhais-PR and Camaçari-BA. It has a staff of over 100 professionals who are capable of undertaking and supervising projects with a total of 250 employees. It offers its clients the highest quality projects and guarantees 100% compliance with its commitments.

In 2004, WETRON BRAZIL started working for the automotive industry through turnkey installations that integrated mechanical components built using technology exclusive to the company, and manufacturing and doing the mechanical and electrical installations for conveyors, cells and robotic welding, painting and surface treatment lines.

Ingeniería y desarrollo de proyectos de automatización industrial: diseño eléctrico, planificación y dimensionado detalladosMost of the projects requested by our clients are turnkey projects.
In this case, WETRON automation technology handles the hardware and software planning. After this phase, we coordinate, oversee and develop the software applications required: PLC, Scada, PC and robot.
In our workshop we build the electrical enclosures, boxes and panels needed for the installation.
We adapt to our client’s production timelines and assemble the product onsite and then start-up the installation. We then train and provide product support to the client’s staff, delivering the documentation in the formats requested. If the client wants, we can also maintain the installation.

Planificación de harware y software en proyectos llave en mano para automatizar y controlar procesos industrialesAt WETRON automation technology, we study, plan and size the hardware and software for the projects we undertake.
Our services include electrical design using standard programs in the industry: E-Plan and AutoCAD. We can also write the documentation in multiple languages if required.
Finally, we carefully plan the execution of the project.

In our workshops we make and assemble the various mechanical units needed for each project.

• Special welding tools and devices.
• Industrial conveyors: roller tables, rotating tables, vertical scissor lifts, transfer carts, hoists, EMS trolleys for overhead monorails, accumulating pallet conveyors, belt conveyors
• Structure, steel parts and ventilation systems.

v-048_wetron-brasil_fabricacion-de-equipos-mecanicos   v-049_wetron-brasil_fabricacion-de-equipos-mecanicos   v-050_wetron-brasil_fabricacion-de-equipos-mecanicos

Desarrollo de software para todo tipo de aplicaciones: PLCs, interfaces, supervisión y control, comunicación industrial, robots industriales, lenguajes de alto nivel.Our programmers, who have ample experience on several projects, develop software in the following areas:

• Programming PLCs from various brands: (Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Phoenix Contact, Omron, Schneider);
• Custom applications in high-level languages (Pascal, Visual Basic, C++, etc.);
• Human-machine interfaces: (Siemens, Panel-View, Esa, Pro-Face);
• Supervisory, control and management systems: (FactoryTalk, Intouch, Win CC, etc.);
• Industrial communications networks: (Profisafe, Profinet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Profibus, etc.);
• Programming of industrial robots: (ABB, KUKA, FANUC, etc.).

fabricación en talleres propios de armarios eléctricos de control con PLC, para integración de PCs, displays de producciónIn our shops we assemble 100% of the enclosures for our projects. This lets us reduce delivery times and ensure quality.

• PLC enclosures;
• Enclosures for integrating PCs.
• Operator panels (HMI), control panels;
• Power distribution panels;
• Production displays, synoptic displays.

personal expermientado y coordinado para el cableado y montaje eléctrico en la instalación del cliente
We have mechanical personnel with extensive experience installing the mechanical equipment necessary in our clients’ factories.
– Installation of structures and conveyor systems.
– Installation of robots and tools for welding, handling materials and painting.
– Installation of ventilation lines and ducts.