Robotic lines and cells (welding, press, handling, gluing and assembly)

We work in concert with leading system integrators for logistics centers and warehouses in the textile, food, pharmaceutical and other sectors, undertaking projects involving different technologies:

Warehouse stacker cranes and mini-loads.
Floor roller and belt conveyors for pallets and boxes.
Overhead and floor monorails for transporting pallets.
Logistics chains automated via AGVs.
Vertical and horizontal carousels (Paternoster)
Smart “pick to light”, “pick to voice”, “pick to vision” shelves

Sistemas de transportadores para manutención e intralogística

Conveyor systems for product handling and intralogistics

Líneas robotizadas (soldadura, prensa, manipulación, encolado y ensamblaje

Robotic lines and cells (welding, press, handling, gluing and assembly)

Instalaciones de tratamiento de superficies (lavado, pintura y ceras)

Surface treatment systems (washing, painting and waxing)

Infraestructuras (iluminación, potencia, climatización y redes)

Installation of factory systems (lighting, power, HVAC, networks)

Sistemas de Gestión de la Producción (MES), trazabilidad y visión artificial.

Production control and management solutions (MES, traceability and artificial vision)

Automatización de edificios BMS (Building Management System)

Building management systems automation

mandos inteligentes con PLC integrado para carros automotores. Electrónica de control para automatización de electrovías

WETRON products

Solutions for Logistic Warehouses and Distribution Centers